Is “Light Entertainment” One Reason for the Rise of Populist Leaders?

Researchers say that one reason for the rise of populist politicians, whether it’s in the United States or here in the UK are entertainment programmes on TV.

Scientists in Italy conducted a study word they found a link between exposure to what could be called as “light entertainment” on TV and people voting for populists like Italians Silvio Berlusconi.

Those people aged 55 or older and who what entertainment programmes had been found 10% more likely to vote for Berlusconi as compared to those people in the same age bracket who did not watch the shows.

Among the people surveyed who are considered less educated, those who watched a lot of entertainment TV as children had been found to percent more likely to vote for Berlusconi then their counterparts in those errors where the programmes are not available.

The study also showed that those people who watch entertainment TV from an early age had disadvantages later in life. Those people scored 5% worse in mental performance tests at a later age. The same demographics also been found to be less interested in politics.